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ABC Bottle Cage for Ebikes: 18″ Long Mounting Strap

ABC Bottle Cage for Ebikes: 18″ Long Mounting Strap

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We like to call this the best water bottle cage ever invented. Straps allow you to mount your water bottle anywhere on your ebike. With its versatile design, you can securely mount the cage to tubes with with a diameter of up to 7 1/2 inches. Where the ABC Cage really shines is it fits bottles 2 1/4 to 4 3/4” wide so use it with your favorite water bottle you already own. Whether you prefer standard water bottles or larger sports bottles, our cage can accommodate them all. Easy turn dial ensures a snug fit.

To ensure maximum stability, our straps features a specially designed strap with an EPDM rubber insert and a coated strap. This combination provides a secure and snug fit, preventing your bottle from slipping or rattling during your rides. Stay hydrated and focused on your cycling adventures with the peace of mind that comes from our reliable and adjustable cage. Also available in handlebar mount or as a standalone cage to mount to bottle cage bosses on your ebike.

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